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Basin City: The Biggest Little City in the World [entries|friends|calendar]
OOC for City of Sin

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Sin City Based RPG [22 Sep 2005|06:42pm]
If you love roleplaying, and love movies such as Sin City, and shows such as Buffy, please join us over at Beautiful Chaos! You must register a username to see the whole board, so come take a look, and join the fun :)

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New RPG Group! [25 Aug 2005|04:48pm]
Hey guys,
There's a new Sin City RPG that's opened up. So far only a few of the characters are taken so check it out and join if you're interested.


Booze & Broads: A Sin City RPG

The streets of Basin City is full of unsavory yet beautiful characters…from the prostitutes at Old Town, the deviants of the Roark farm, the down and out heroes that have no problem crossing the line at Kadie’s Club Pecos, to the dirty cops that run the streets. Booze & Broads, is a fictional game in homage to Frank Miller’s Sin City comics/graphic novels and movie.

Booze & Broads, use the books and movie as a template for our characters and not as canon in storyline. You’ll find all your favorite characters very much alive and well, and you as a player will take these characters on new paths. We love the characters that Frank Miller has made, but this game will take them to new levels.

Basin City is waiting for you…will it eat you alive or will you come out with both barrels blazing?

booze_n_broads will have language, adult themes and moments of violence that will support the storylines. We ask that those who apply to play or follow the storyline be 18 years of age or older. The makers/moderators of this RPG cannot be held responsible for those who find the subject matter of this RPG disturbing. As of now, to be safe this RPG is rated “R” for reasons that have been explained previously.

All interested in applying please click here to further instructions.
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Look, its Kevin! and hes .. not silent! o.o [20 Aug 2005|07:45am]

Hello.. Yes, yes it is your own personal mute cannibal posting here. I feel like I might get yelled at for not putting this in a LJ cut.. lol.

WELL!, I havent been here awhile.. Most people would leave it as that and not waste their time typing reasons, but I have that kind of time, and i happen to be wired from energy drinks so here it goes:

My reasons for first joining this RPG:
I take role playing probably a hell of a lot more seriously than the average person. It's more than just a Game (rpG) for me.
I tend to be more IC than OOC most the times. the reason for this? simply, because my life Sucks, and its fun to be someone else. being so, I like to step out of my own mind and body and really take on the character I become as a personality, and i do have many. I wouldnt go as far as saying Bi-polar or anything, those are people who switch moods and such, where as I like to just leave keith in a dark room and let the character im interested in at the time take control of me completely ..and my problem here was I was playing Kevin..
we all know who he is and what he does, which kind of led me to go weeks without saying one word and nearly attacking some people. hell, i almost took a bite out of this one girl at walmart (no need to get into that..)
I'm rambling on pointlessly. What I'm trying to say is, when I see a character i myself feel i might be alike, or really want to be, my mind kind of adapts to him, I start thinking like he thinks and there are sometimes when I start to believe i really am him. But that bitch called reality always seems to strike me and bring me back to life to realize im watching, or reading a made up character. I like to think of it as my mind is like a big garage and each character i've adapted to is a certain kind of car .. and like all cars, they need to be refueled or they just stop running. And sadly, that is what happened to the poor Kevin in me. He simply faded away, to be parked back in the garage, still there in my mind, but pretty useless.
I adapted to a few new characters, and took on other multiple personalies for the last couple weeks.
but just because i lost my IC with kevin doesn't mean he cant come back. Refueling my characters is done simply by rewatching or reading the film or book that they are in. And now sin city is out on DVD.. I was planning on renting it, and if i do, the kevin in me might sprout back to life and i'd be all for bringing him back out to play a few more times.
now, we all know the problem here ... This RPG is pretty dead, hell i bet it will be a few good weeks before anyone even notices this long-ass post. and thats what I really dislike about forum RPGs. it gets old. people lag signing in to post. And personally, I hate it. I can do it if I must, but really i only think message board rpgs are good for those people who work all the time and cant be on to do group-room rpgs. I much rather perfer IM or even E-mail RPGs.
So basically, I wrote out this whole fucking entry going into the extremely weird personal life of mine and thoughts on RPGs that im sure no one here could give a bigger shit about,
and it was all just to say if anyone here feels like spicing up a little SC RPG personally just with me, you can do so by IMing or e-mailing me at EatsTheirSouis@aol.com you can IM me there too, but chances are I wont be on it, you'll have better luck reading me on my AIM name at

Thanks for taking the time out of your oh-so busy life to read this post. -clap, clap- You deserve a cookie!

oh, and .... :)
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[14 Jun 2005|12:48pm]

Sorry folks, I'm going to have to drop out. I tried to get into it again, but there just aren't enough players. If any of you are interested in playing with me privately in such (like Nancy I know), that'd be just gravy.
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[13 Jun 2005|10:25pm]

Okay, I take the hint. The place is dead and won't be requiring any new members.
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Application [04 Jun 2005|07:33pm]

Main LJ Username: vengefulsiren
Character LJ Username: candied_kill
AIM/MSN/Email Contact: AngryPrincess887 (AIM), korovajezebel@houston.rr.com
Character Name: Sabrina Mortimer
Age: Just shy of 21
Position: Bartender at Kadie’s
Appearance: In short, Lolita-esque. 5’2”. Almost fragile-looking build. Chocolate brown hair, frequently pulled away from her face. Calm, watchful gray-green eyes. Charming smile.

Writing SampleCollapse )
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[31 May 2005|12:54am]

Just wanted to let ya'll know I'm gone until Thursday evening! Seeya then!
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[24 May 2005|10:50pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Eh, I'm back finally. Just got out of school... if anyone is still up for RPing please tell me. Sorry... I tried my best to make time and it didn't work out...

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Not till the fat lady sings! [23 May 2005|11:00pm]

Hold on..wait a damn minute! I hate to sound like a total rpg whore but c'mon guys we can't let this stop us! I just joined the community i haven't had the benefit of being able to throw in the towel so easily....i'm fresh with this so my creative juices are flowing. I want this rpg to stay around and i say all who are with me reply. We shall not be taken so easily....even if i have to beg and plea by myself i'll do it. So what do you all say?
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Leaving? [22 May 2005|09:17pm]

Well, I'm gone. I <3 you all (well, most of you)!

Bye, guys!
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can i join? [21 May 2005|11:08am]

Main LJ Username: none
Character LJ Username: Jesus_abdo
Character Name: Jesus Abdo
Age: mid 20’s
Position: Kickboxer for illegal underground organization (can be hired as a thug, bouncer for a night club….has many jobs)
Appearance: About 6’1, brown skinned, muscular built very well.

Writing Sample:

Jesus flung the blood off his bare knuckles and lifted the man’s head up to deliver the final blow but stopped. The crowd around the tiny cage gasped. They started to yell and chant for him to finish the job. He looked down at the man, his eye matted with dried blood. He lifted his fist again but stopped shortly before reaching the man’s face, then dropped the man’s head and stood. The bell rang and his hand was raised in victory to the crowds dismay. They booed him and he glanced back down at the man who was now crawling over the ring deliriously. Jesus shook his head and exited the cage; he was pelted with beer and stale popcorn but kept walking until he reached the “locker room” of the establishment.

“Another win another dollar huh’ kid?”

Jesus turned to see the owner of this so called “fight club”.

“Yes, so give me my earnings.”


The man began to unfold bills. He flicked three hundreds at Jesus and then smirked.

“Wait…you said one thousand…give me my earnings.”

“I said one thousand for a knock out….see for a knock out I give you an extra three hundred…since you have to rent this place…protection from police…you barely escaped with three.”

“Fuck you...you slimy mother fucker…next time I want my money…knockout or none.”

“Is that a warning.”

“No…that’s a threat…”

Jesus picked up the bills and folded them into his pocket.

“Sign me up for all this week…I got rent to pay you know.”

Jesus put a jacket on over a white t-shirt and blue jeans sprayed with blood. He bandaged his hands covered in blood that didn’t belong to him and exited out the back doors. It was time for him to go home, home to his ratty apartment. So this is freedom, after 10 long hard years…this is what they called civilization. He was better off in the slammer. His second fight and they wanted him to really fuck the guy up…he couldn’t. He had killed enough in prison…twice as many on the streets before. Hell he didn’t know how he got an appeal…somebody had to pull some strings. But why for him? He hadn’t given it much thought…but he was out…trying to earn a living without killing or harming. But it found it’s way back to him. He was a violence magnet.
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Guess whose back....back again...maddox's back.....watch your girlfriends...(lol) [21 May 2005|09:30am]

I'm back....after crying to my parents, crying to my teachers and such i am back! The one you call Maddox is back baby. I'm ready to rp with anyone...anywhere! Just call on me!

(p.s. .......so is Hailey...even though her char. is really annoying!) (Come on you were all thinking it.)
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[20 May 2005|10:57am]

GOD SAVE THE NATION!!!!! I AM OVER WITH FUCKING FINALS!!!! Wait... I still have government... but fuck SCREW THAT I'LL PASS THAT CLASS EVEN IF I FAIL THE FINAL!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! So who needs me *little chibi Hartigan dancing around*
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[17 May 2005|03:12pm]

BLOODMONEY Part 1 is up in my journal now!

go read...

also add me to your friends list lol
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"Blood Money" [17 May 2005|12:32pm]

[ mood | busy ]

I'm letting everyone know, I'll be giving alot of back story in my new character in his journal.
Everything from what made the man he is today, to jobs he's working out of town.

There will be times when Remington Guns will be closed because Gabe is doing a job out of Sin City.

I hope you'll like them, and things might get alittle gruesome ;)

The First one will be called "Blood Money" and it should be a good one.

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Taking some...personal time. [16 May 2005|05:05pm]

Sorry to dissapoint, I'm going to be taking some personal time for...oh about a week tops. I'll still continue the one thread I'm currently involved in (two if Ava wants to keep going) but I need a break from RPing for personal reasons. IM me if you want more info, assuming I stay online. To put it frankly I'm teetering between falling into either overwhelming depression, or overwhelming anger. Either way it goes though...not good states to RP in (call me crazy, but I don't think Marv or Manute are the depressed type, and if I play off my anger I'm just going to want to kill people, and then you all won't like me.) So, sorry to dissapoint, but that is the one and only reason I don't like journals, because you read something and begin realizing that someone has made the past year of your life a complete lie, and now I've gotta try to pick up the pieces now that I finally realized what actually happened. Ah the ability to read things you're not supposed to. That is truly a helpful tool in life.

Anyways, I've said too much, and you all don't need to get involved in the drama with my life. You've all got finals and crap anyways, so I doubt I'll be missed too sorely.
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A brief haitus [15 May 2005|01:28pm]

Guys i'm so pissed my computer is like totally dead! I tried restoring it and everything but it won't come on. Can anyone help me!!! I had to go to my bros. house to post this and i'm letting everyone know they have to drop Maddox/hailey in the storylines due to finals, no computer and me processing my college fees. Guess what i got a scholarship to Paul Quinn in dallas for volleyball that is so bitching!! So i'm sad to say i'll be gone for about three weeks or so but don't forget about me...i may drop in from time to time to post but if i do it will be like my char. visting her folks and you know crap like that so you guys won't forget about me. I repeat i'm not gone for good i'm just letting everyone know i'll be gone for a moment. Don't forget about me and e-mail me guys!!! i'll be dropping in to keep up with the storylines....this is not good bye it's farewell for now. I'll miss this but i will be back. Adios!

Maddox Majors
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[13 May 2005|02:06am]

Main LJ Username: shaggy2shuues
Character LJ Username: remington_guns
AIM/MSN/Email Contact: shaggy2shuues
Character Name: Gabe "Ruger" Remington
Age: 37
Position: Owner of Remington Guns/Gun Salesman/Hired Gun
Appearance: Shaved head and tattoos on the back of his neck, upper back, stomach, and right ass cheek. Often caught wearing his sunglasses (even at night) this business man is nothing without his guns. When someone needs a gun they come to him and always get what they want. Approximately 6'2 he weighs in at 183lbs, the only time a cold stare isn't on his face is when he's talking about guns. A strong build, he can obviously hold his own in a fight. He has a keen eye for detail and usually knows if something is wrong.

Writing Sample:

It was clean, it cut through him like butter...

The bullet went through the mans chest in an instant, before anyone knew what was wrong Remington was already leaving his perch. He wasn't against killing, it was money, and it's what he was good at. He knew his guns so that's what he did for a living, he sold guns by day, killed by night. Rarely did he need to get close, with his rifle he could get the job done from the roof tops of Basin. He didn't like knifes, "Too Messy" he would say. When people needed guns they came to his shop. Not many knew what he did on his off days though. Only the powerful could get his services, only the powerful knew about the jobs that could be done by his hands.

Who could this be?

A man walks into Remington's shop the next day, News of what happened has already hit the papers.

"Job well done, here's the rest of the cash as promised."

The man hands Gabe a large role of money, he doesn't count it, he trusts it's all there. Gabe doesn't say anything, he rarely did. As the man began to leave Gabe smirks, as he opens the door he looks back.

"Pleasure doing business with you."

Gabe watches as the man closes the door behind him. He looks down at the quick money he just made and smiles.

"The Pleasure was all mine..."
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responses and RP NESS. :) [12 May 2005|10:58pm]

We are not dead.

I'm graduating in like three weeks but I'll have much more time to RP now since I've TURNED in my freakin AP portfolio. So I'm all set. We're getting back into the swing of things. Please post to announce you are still here :)
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application [13 May 2005|01:10am]

Hey cats and kittens, I'm submitting an application for an OC I've created.

Introducing... Violet Montague.

Main LJ Username: jennthestrange

Character LJ Username: mlle_montague

AIM/MSN/Email Contact: onedirtycop OR weetziejenn (AIM), meddlesome@gmail.com

Character Name: Violet Montague

Age: 26

Position: Pulitzer-winning journalist... but not exactly the ethical kind. Works the police beat in the paper on a regular basis and in her stories can make certain facts appear or go away. She's in with some of the more corrupt cops -- namely Rafferty, Liebowitz, etc. Her Italian heritage also gets her into the good graces of Magliozzi and the mob. She also uses her gift of words in occasional news features/special reports to either defame or dignify a person, according to what her employer at the time wants. She doesn't align herself with any one group and can be bought by anybody if the price is right. Crafty and sexy, she gets out of any serious backlash (well, most of the time) that might befall her for not being loyal to a single organization. Deals coke on the side (and also uses), and used to moonlight as an exotic dancer while in journalism school.

Appearance: Stands 5'3" in bare feet, slender build (about 115#), black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Father was French, mother was Italian (she speaks both languages as well as English fluently). Has a French accent, that having been her native language (grew up along the French Riviera). Very elegant and innocent exterior, but has a dark personality, is a quick thinker, highly intelligent and sharp-tongued.

Writing SampleCollapse )
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