Det. Lt. Jack Rafferty (jackieboy_dead) wrote in sin_ooc,
Det. Lt. Jack Rafferty

responses and RP NESS. :)

We are not dead.

I'm graduating in like three weeks but I'll have much more time to RP now since I've TURNED in my freakin AP portfolio. So I'm all set. We're getting back into the swing of things. Please post to announce you are still here :)
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Wow. Congrats. *G* That's totally understandable.
*kills art and everything that has to do with it* No-not really. but yeah. That's why I've been gone. >_
Finals and school stuff here to omg so stressful I have been spending no time online other than school. If you need me just tell me and I'll be there though.
Still here and checking up but unable to post. I'm stuck with Gail. Homework and school nonstop. Only 7 more days of school and I'm out! Then I'll be back for good. I'm open to RP on AIM (though replies will be extremely slow).
I'm still here, keeping up to date, just being quiet while my writer's block makes fun of me. :P Also pretty busy, like most everyone else it seems ^^
I'm still here too ^_^