Gabe Remington (remington_guns) wrote in sin_ooc,
Gabe Remington

Main LJ Username: shaggy2shuues
Character LJ Username: remington_guns
AIM/MSN/Email Contact: shaggy2shuues
Character Name: Gabe "Ruger" Remington
Age: 37
Position: Owner of Remington Guns/Gun Salesman/Hired Gun
Appearance: Shaved head and tattoos on the back of his neck, upper back, stomach, and right ass cheek. Often caught wearing his sunglasses (even at night) this business man is nothing without his guns. When someone needs a gun they come to him and always get what they want. Approximately 6'2 he weighs in at 183lbs, the only time a cold stare isn't on his face is when he's talking about guns. A strong build, he can obviously hold his own in a fight. He has a keen eye for detail and usually knows if something is wrong.

Writing Sample:

It was clean, it cut through him like butter...

The bullet went through the mans chest in an instant, before anyone knew what was wrong Remington was already leaving his perch. He wasn't against killing, it was money, and it's what he was good at. He knew his guns so that's what he did for a living, he sold guns by day, killed by night. Rarely did he need to get close, with his rifle he could get the job done from the roof tops of Basin. He didn't like knifes, "Too Messy" he would say. When people needed guns they came to his shop. Not many knew what he did on his off days though. Only the powerful could get his services, only the powerful knew about the jobs that could be done by his hands.

Who could this be?

A man walks into Remington's shop the next day, News of what happened has already hit the papers.

"Job well done, here's the rest of the cash as promised."

The man hands Gabe a large role of money, he doesn't count it, he trusts it's all there. Gabe doesn't say anything, he rarely did. As the man began to leave Gabe smirks, as he opens the door he looks back.

"Pleasure doing business with you."

Gabe watches as the man closes the door behind him. He looks down at the quick money he just made and smiles.

"The Pleasure was all mine..."
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