maddox_majors (maddox_majors) wrote in sin_ooc,

A brief haitus

Guys i'm so pissed my computer is like totally dead! I tried restoring it and everything but it won't come on. Can anyone help me!!! I had to go to my bros. house to post this and i'm letting everyone know they have to drop Maddox/hailey in the storylines due to finals, no computer and me processing my college fees. Guess what i got a scholarship to Paul Quinn in dallas for volleyball that is so bitching!! So i'm sad to say i'll be gone for about three weeks or so but don't forget about me...i may drop in from time to time to post but if i do it will be like my char. visting her folks and you know crap like that so you guys won't forget about me. I repeat i'm not gone for good i'm just letting everyone know i'll be gone for a moment. Don't forget about me and e-mail me guys!!! i'll be dropping in to keep up with the storylines....this is not good bye it's farewell for now. I'll miss this but i will be back. Adios!

Maddox Majors
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