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can i join?

Main LJ Username: none
Character LJ Username: Jesus_abdo
Character Name: Jesus Abdo
Age: mid 20’s
Position: Kickboxer for illegal underground organization (can be hired as a thug, bouncer for a night club….has many jobs)
Appearance: About 6’1, brown skinned, muscular built very well.

Writing Sample:

Jesus flung the blood off his bare knuckles and lifted the man’s head up to deliver the final blow but stopped. The crowd around the tiny cage gasped. They started to yell and chant for him to finish the job. He looked down at the man, his eye matted with dried blood. He lifted his fist again but stopped shortly before reaching the man’s face, then dropped the man’s head and stood. The bell rang and his hand was raised in victory to the crowds dismay. They booed him and he glanced back down at the man who was now crawling over the ring deliriously. Jesus shook his head and exited the cage; he was pelted with beer and stale popcorn but kept walking until he reached the “locker room” of the establishment.

“Another win another dollar huh’ kid?”

Jesus turned to see the owner of this so called “fight club”.

“Yes, so give me my earnings.”


The man began to unfold bills. He flicked three hundreds at Jesus and then smirked.

“Wait…you said one thousand…give me my earnings.”

“I said one thousand for a knock out….see for a knock out I give you an extra three hundred…since you have to rent this place…protection from police…you barely escaped with three.”

“Fuck slimy mother fucker…next time I want my money…knockout or none.”

“Is that a warning.”

“No…that’s a threat…”

Jesus picked up the bills and folded them into his pocket.

“Sign me up for all this week…I got rent to pay you know.”

Jesus put a jacket on over a white t-shirt and blue jeans sprayed with blood. He bandaged his hands covered in blood that didn’t belong to him and exited out the back doors. It was time for him to go home, home to his ratty apartment. So this is freedom, after 10 long hard years…this is what they called civilization. He was better off in the slammer. His second fight and they wanted him to really fuck the guy up…he couldn’t. He had killed enough in prison…twice as many on the streets before. Hell he didn’t know how he got an appeal…somebody had to pull some strings. But why for him? He hadn’t given it much thought…but he was out…trying to earn a living without killing or harming. But it found it’s way back to him. He was a violence magnet.
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