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Look, its Kevin! and hes .. not silent! o.o

Hello.. Yes, yes it is your own personal mute cannibal posting here. I feel like I might get yelled at for not putting this in a LJ cut.. lol.

WELL!, I havent been here awhile.. Most people would leave it as that and not waste their time typing reasons, but I have that kind of time, and i happen to be wired from energy drinks so here it goes:

My reasons for first joining this RPG:
I take role playing probably a hell of a lot more seriously than the average person. It's more than just a Game (rpG) for me.
I tend to be more IC than OOC most the times. the reason for this? simply, because my life Sucks, and its fun to be someone else. being so, I like to step out of my own mind and body and really take on the character I become as a personality, and i do have many. I wouldnt go as far as saying Bi-polar or anything, those are people who switch moods and such, where as I like to just leave keith in a dark room and let the character im interested in at the time take control of me completely ..and my problem here was I was playing Kevin..
we all know who he is and what he does, which kind of led me to go weeks without saying one word and nearly attacking some people. hell, i almost took a bite out of this one girl at walmart (no need to get into that..)
I'm rambling on pointlessly. What I'm trying to say is, when I see a character i myself feel i might be alike, or really want to be, my mind kind of adapts to him, I start thinking like he thinks and there are sometimes when I start to believe i really am him. But that bitch called reality always seems to strike me and bring me back to life to realize im watching, or reading a made up character. I like to think of it as my mind is like a big garage and each character i've adapted to is a certain kind of car .. and like all cars, they need to be refueled or they just stop running. And sadly, that is what happened to the poor Kevin in me. He simply faded away, to be parked back in the garage, still there in my mind, but pretty useless.
I adapted to a few new characters, and took on other multiple personalies for the last couple weeks.
but just because i lost my IC with kevin doesn't mean he cant come back. Refueling my characters is done simply by rewatching or reading the film or book that they are in. And now sin city is out on DVD.. I was planning on renting it, and if i do, the kevin in me might sprout back to life and i'd be all for bringing him back out to play a few more times.
now, we all know the problem here ... This RPG is pretty dead, hell i bet it will be a few good weeks before anyone even notices this long-ass post. and thats what I really dislike about forum RPGs. it gets old. people lag signing in to post. And personally, I hate it. I can do it if I must, but really i only think message board rpgs are good for those people who work all the time and cant be on to do group-room rpgs. I much rather perfer IM or even E-mail RPGs.
So basically, I wrote out this whole fucking entry going into the extremely weird personal life of mine and thoughts on RPGs that im sure no one here could give a bigger shit about,
and it was all just to say if anyone here feels like spicing up a little SC RPG personally just with me, you can do so by IMing or e-mailing me at you can IM me there too, but chances are I wont be on it, you'll have better luck reading me on my AIM name at

Thanks for taking the time out of your oh-so busy life to read this post. -clap, clap- You deserve a cookie!

oh, and .... :)
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