lady_tigers_sin (lady_tigers_sin) wrote in sin_ooc,

Taking some...personal time.

Sorry to dissapoint, I'm going to be taking some personal time for...oh about a week tops. I'll still continue the one thread I'm currently involved in (two if Ava wants to keep going) but I need a break from RPing for personal reasons. IM me if you want more info, assuming I stay online. To put it frankly I'm teetering between falling into either overwhelming depression, or overwhelming anger. Either way it goes though...not good states to RP in (call me crazy, but I don't think Marv or Manute are the depressed type, and if I play off my anger I'm just going to want to kill people, and then you all won't like me.) So, sorry to dissapoint, but that is the one and only reason I don't like journals, because you read something and begin realizing that someone has made the past year of your life a complete lie, and now I've gotta try to pick up the pieces now that I finally realized what actually happened. Ah the ability to read things you're not supposed to. That is truly a helpful tool in life.

Anyways, I've said too much, and you all don't need to get involved in the drama with my life. You've all got finals and crap anyways, so I doubt I'll be missed too sorely.
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